Finally finished! I’m pretty proud of this one. Love the game and the art really inspired me. Now excuse me while I drown in the emotions that the game and the OST gave me.

Transistor © SuperGiant Games

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And here we go; Transistor, the manga!

…okay I was just kidding. But anyway, I felt like drawing fan art for the game as though it were a manga or comic. If I had more time I would draw a background, but I don’t have enough time unfortunately :( So here’s a halftone version and a version without any halftone filters (and minus the speech bubble). Enjoy!

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Favorite Ghibli Scenery for 

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Just a quick doodle to get back into the flow of drawing. I guess this is the kind of hair I would have if I weren’t too lazy to dye it lol. 

Feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been able to just draw freely. Every day for the past month I’ve been working on prototyping the Axent Wear headphones (the next prototype should be done in 2 weeks!)

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(turn that frown upside down, Pedr0! :p)

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video game challenge ♔
seven male characters➥ oo1. royce bracket 《transistor》

video game challenge 

seven male characters
➥ oo1. royce bracket 《transistor》

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Feroseed: “I’m going to be a Mommy!”

Whimsicott: “I’m going to be a Daddy!”

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